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This is intellectual food for your mind.


What is NCURAGE? Who is NCURAGE?

Ncurage is all about showing one person peace. Peace within, as well as the ability to pass along a piece of peace to another person. 

This Project is intended to be a three part series, each focusing on creating self-peace, inner peace, and a positive atmosphere to thrive. If I am able to encourage ten people, a percentage of those ten people will have the ability to encourage someone as well.

Peace First. 

I have placed together a selection of my most recent and heartfelt work. I am extremely proud of my journeys, and I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

This book is designed to help motivate. It is full of inspiration with a twinge of humor. It is meant to inspire you to reduce your stress levels. 

Introducing techniques of positive reinforcement. Focusing on creating positive energy with intentions spreading joy, so much joy that the positive energy be felt third party from the source.

Best Sellers

Mind above Matter!



Stoney Point, CA

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