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A Piece of Peace by Ncurage

A Piece of Peace by Ncurage

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What was your 2021 compared to 2020? Is it possible that we were warned of the Pandemic? Was it possible to prepare for face masks, and the stay-at-home orders? What happened to the toilet paper? For many, 21 was more disenchanting than 20. We fight over face masks on airplanes, murder rates are skyrocketing, as is, crime overall. Poverty and homeless rates are soaring. Politics are now causing riots. We need to press pause for a few seconds. We need to reassess the situation.

  • Who is Ncurage?

     Ncurage.  From a problematic childhood, to

    Salesman, to Phlebotomist. From Valet to to self employed, to X-Ray Technician, to Instructor and Clinical Coordinator. Ncurage has been there and done that.

    Raising a child with a disability brings about a different perspective on life as a father, a husband, son, and a friend.

    Ncurage's motivation is creating world peace. Self peace is the first piece. Therefore, we must start with self.

    Ncurage is each one teach one. Ncurage's aim is to reach at least one. The theory is reach one in order to teach one. If you teach one, that one can reach another one.

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